Satan Worship

On a Monday night in late March, my girlfriend and I were aimlessly getting lost in my jeep. It is extremely typical for us to begin driving and after several country songs wind up getting lost. This Monday night was no different, we had been cruising for nearly an hour and I was beginning to worry about getting home. Finally we entered a small village looking town that I recognized and pulled off onto a small river road that I had frequented in my mudding days in high school. Ripping down the tree lined dirt road hitting as many puddles and mud ruts as possible, in the distance an orange light appeared. Typical. Camp fires and late night cat fishing went on nearly every decent night on that road. Kept ripping. Start approaching what ended up being a fire, closer and closer. Every time I pass someone on this road I will slow down and give them a wave or stop and ask if they had caught anything, or maybe give them a hand at getting out of a mud hole if they were stuck. Beginning to slow down (as always) my girlfriend gets close to me because she is way too easily frightened. I think it was a mid 90s ford pickup, dark paint. Decent looking truck. I slow to about 5 mph rubbernecking what looks like a small party, massive bonfire. We passed in what seemed like slow-motion when eye contact was made with two small girls (hands joined) with lifeless expressions accompanied by two large men hoisting a small black cow into the fire. Never have either of us seen anything like it so when I partially processed what they were doing I looked back at the road trying to keep my cool (as i always do when my girl is scared) and out of the corner of my eye I saw her head turn towards me. The grip of her hand on my thigh was as tight as my hands were on the wheel. I looked over at her slowly. With terrified eyes, she whispered ‘go.’ Now back out of slow motion I stepped on the gas spraying mud and stones down into the river. In the rear view we could see only the girls silhouettes (hands still joined) slowly circling around the fire. Nothing like a little late night satan worship eh?